Frequently asked questions

Why i haven't received my login credentials?

Once you have purchased your photos in the resort, our system creates a new account dedicated to you and will transfers your photos automatically to
When you create your account you will automatically receive an e-mail containing your username and password to log in.
Once you have transferred all the purchased photos to your area you will receive a second email that warns you that the photos are available.
If you haven't received these e-mail, check the spam folder of your mail.

I also checked in the spam folder, but i can't find the credentials. What could have happened?

It may have been transcribed incorrectly your e-mail address.In this case contact our assistance to solve the problem,communicating your first and last name, your e-mail address, the resort and the period in which you've been there.
We will respond as quickly as possible by sending you the right credentials.

The e-mail address is correct but i don't find the password. How do i log in?

In this case you just need to recover the password at following link. It will be sent an e-mail to your address. Follow the instructions to set the log on password again.
If the mail doesn' t arrive, also check the spam folder. If it isn't there, it's possible that the e-mail address used isn't associated with any customer. In this case contact us,sending us your information: we will provide you the access as soon as possible.

I was handed a scratch card to access. What should I do?

It's simple: scratch to find out your password and enter the data in the fields required for login.

I entered in my reserved area but I can't find the photos i bought. How this is possible?

Depending on the speed of the network, up to 48 hours are required for complete the transfer the photos from the resort to Mypicspace. Some messages within the area indicate the status of the transferation. If after 48 hours the images haven't been transferred yet, please contact our assistance.

In which format are the photographs provided?

The images provided are in JPEG format at a resolution that allows any magnification. No RAW files are provided.